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It’s not easy these days to find something unusual and it not to have a big price tag. However, at Colonia Jewellery we give you just that.

Here at Colonia jewellery, we strive to offer fine jewellery that reflects your personality and the inner you. A ring made of gold has no passion unless you can connect with it, and it becomes part of you. It speaks for you and reflects your passions and desires. We wear all sorts of different clothes to make a statement of who we are, so why can’t our jewellery be equally as powerful!

Our designs are assembled to offer our discerning customers a unique range of fine jewellery, crafted from only the best available materials. We feel it is important to consider the impact of product manufacture and purchase on the environment and on the wider world in which we live. You can be assured all our materials are sourced from companies that use only the highest levels of scrutiny and integrity.


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