Caring for your Jewellery

There are a myriad of old wives tales and myths regarding the cleaning of jewellery - most of which do more harm than good or simply do not work!

It is incredible how everyday life can take its toll on your jewellery - showering, lotions, gardening, using general household cleaners etc.

But we have the answer!

A range of products by Connoisseurs is carefully designed to meet all your jewellery cleaning needs. Our favourite is the Diamond Dazzle stick, which is a pen like item which works miracles on dull dirty diamonds. It cleans diamonds and other precious stones like Rubies and Sapphires.

Dazzle Stick:

  1. Small bowl or cup of warm water.

  2. Kitchen roll

  3. Dazzle stick

  4. Gold cloth.

Wet brush end.

Turn the dazzle stick until a small amount of blue gel appears in the brush hairs. Brush this all over the diamond, particularly into the gaps of the cage , working well in.

Now rinse in luke warm water and dab dry with the kitchen cloth.

Buff with the gold polishing cloth.

Tah dah! See that diamond shine and dazzle like the day it was bought!

We recommend you use this approximately every month, which will keep any build up of dirt off your stone and keep it at its Dazzling best.

Silver Dip:

Use on severely tarnished silver jewellery (we do not recommend use on silver jewellery like Marcasite. For this and porous stones like pearls and opals we recommend using Connoisseurs Delicate dip.)

The dip container has a cage inside to drop your jewellery into. Then agitate/rock the cage for about 10 seconds, no longer. Remove the cage with the jewellery inside and then rinse with warm water. Pat dry the jewellery with kitchen cloth and then buff to a perfect shine with Connisseurs silver polishing cloth.

Gold Dip:

As with the silver dip, drop the items into the cage, then after a few seconds remove the item and use the small brush in the cage stem to tease out all the dirt around any precious stones in the jewellery. When clean, remove and rinse. Then using a gold polishing cloth to buff to a perfect shine. Simple!

Extra tip:

To prevent contamination of all cleaning solutions we decant some of the liquid to a small bowl big enough to immerse the jewellery. After using the solution as described above, we then simply discard the contaminated solution, keeping what is in the container clean for future use.